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How Will I Receive My Brand Ambassador Commissions?
How Will I Receive My Brand Ambassador Commissions?
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You will receive your Commissions automatically on the 15th of each month.

This means you WILL NOT need to "request" your payout.

We will send your commissions to the payment method you set up after signing up (see below).

If you haven't set up your Billing Information yet, please follow the steps below:

Setting Up Your Billing and Payment Information

Step 1: Log In and Access Settings

  • At the top of the page, you'll notice two pending tasks. Being with clicking "Go to settings" under "Billing Details".

Step 2: Enter Billing Information

  • Fill out the billing form and click "save"

Step 3: Add Payment Information

  • Next, click "Go to settings" under "Payment Methods"

  • Select "Add New Payment Method", choose Tipalti and follow the steps below.

Setting Up Your Tipalti Account

We use Tipalti to organize tax documents and distribute payments.

*IMPORTANT: If you previously set up your account through WISE or PayPal, those will no longer be available. You will need to set up your account through Tipalti.

Once you select "Tipalti", you'll be prompted to "Open Tipalti Dashboard" and enter additional information.

Step 1: Fill out your address information

Step 2: Choose your payment method

Step 3: Complete your tax form using the "Tax from questionnaire" for guidance if needed.


  • Minimum Threshold: There is a minimum commission threshold of $100 that must be met before any payments are issued.

  • Verification Period: Each sale undergoes a 30-day verification period before the commission is eligible for payment.

Once these steps are completed, you are all set to receive your payments without any further hassle!

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